Morning Hanoi Foodie Motorbike Tour


Tourists are often shocked to see so many motorbikes and scooters in Hanoi traffic and wonder how it can work. But don’t worry, it’s not as crazy as you think! It appears there are no rules at all, but locals do have our own unspoken rules and it works very well. For example, honking in some Western countries is considered very rude, but in Vietnam it just means “I’m coming near you,” “I’m in a hurry,” or “get out of the way.” Hanoi Foodie Motorbike Tour is the best way for you to experience the local life, learn the rules of the road and identify the various meanings of “the honk”. Moreover, this tour is designed by our passionate foodie tour guides so food is truly the must-have part of our tour. During our tour, our guide will bring you to try different tasty and authentic Northern Vietnamese foods and drinks. Get ready to start your adventure!

    Under 10 years old.

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